The latest full year report from the UK foundry Industry's SHIFT Initiative has been completed and circulated to all members.  With members having had time to read and review the report, we are pleased to present it to the wider world at large.

The report indicates that an overall decrease in the RIDDOR rate, continues the trend towards the current goals for the initiative and that the overall accident rate has decreased to its lowest level in 10 years.

2015 saw a record number of foundries of all sizes, processes and metal types submit their accident figures.  Subsequently we know a record number of employees in excess of 11,000 are covered by the initiative.

Given the work that members and associated partners are undertaking together, we are pleased to announce that SHIFT remains on course to meet its goal of a 25% reduction in the number of accidents and work related ill-health occurrences by the end of 2017. 

To see more details on the type and frequency of accidents please Click here  to view the data.

If you are a UK foundry and after reading the report are interested in discussing membership of SHIFT and the potential benefits it brings to your site, please contact Richard Heath, Cast Metals Federation on 0121 601 6392 for further information.  All UK foundries of any size, covering all casting processes and all metals are welcome to be members.